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Achieve genuine feedback by setting up and personalise your free account with our jointly branded review page to show reviews come from an independent source with Google’s universally accepted star rating to find out what your customers are saying about you and your business.

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Once registered one of our account managers will help you setup your new account to Invite reviews through a multi email campaign, set up incentive vouchers, and integrate with your website even at product level or share with powerful social tools to promote your goods and services .

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Deskjock can be integrated onto your home and product pages to improve conversion rate, average basket value, decreasing basket-abandonment and to develop a sense of client relationship with transparent customer services on all Ecommerce sites and search engines & much more.
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Deskjock is easy to manage with many features that utilises our vast wealth of pooled resources with customer relations oriented professionals who encourage reviewers with vouchers & referral deals to share, like and publish to all social media to ultimately improve sales and much more.
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Service Reviews

Managing customer online reviews is one of the most important steps in protecting your reputation as 89% of potential and existing customers will check you out online before purchasing. Having bad reviews or even worse no reviews can seriously affect your bottom line.

  • Published page. Your company reviews will be freely published to
    Google search results adding to your overall ratings and displayed in
    the form of Rich snippets
  • Website integration. Our Free widget allows you to filter and
    display collected reviews onto your website to show your trustworthiness
  • Invitation SMS text /email. Our unique service allows you send
    multi text and email campaigns to your own client base improving your
    ratings and sales
  • Share to Google maps. We can automatically ask reviewer
    to share reviews to most external sites including your own
    Google business listing


Product Reviews

Product reviews are a necessity in selling online and determines your ranking, ratings and ultimately sales numbers. Deskjock`s platform generates unlimited reviews by automatically emailing a review invitation to your customers at a set time after purchase.

  • Free Magento plugin Our unique shop integration allows you to fully customise your display
  • Rich snippets Show you trustworthiness as google picks up your star ratings
  • Google product listing ads. display your reviews across Google Shopping
  • Invitation SMS text and direct email with up to three products on one mail
  • Share to Google shopping, Ebay, Amazon API
  • Packed full of unique features to improve your ranking and sales
  • Magento Silver development partner to help you design bespoke websites

Awesome new tech that Increases genuine feedback

Facebook retargeting

Awesome new tech that increases genuine 5 star reviews to all review sites and simultaneously retargets all your customers friends on Facebook and Instagram with review based adverts.

  • Manages all review sites
  • Retargets reviews and your website
  • Retargets Facebook and Instagram
  • 4x higher click throgh
  • 50% cheaper to advertise
  • Full editorial control of adverts
  • Lets your customers do the marketing for you
  • Average facebook users has 155 friends



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  • Page Set up
  • Service Reviews Published
  • Email & Text feedback (limited)
  • Web integration
  • Subscription builder
  • Respond to reviews
  • Unlimited QR codes
  • Stats and report analysis
Pro Service
  • All Starter featuress
  • 150 Email/SMS Text invites mth
  • Facebook Retargeting
  • Invite to any review site
  • Auto share to Social media
  • Share voucher competition
  • No Fixed contract
  • 1 google zone (branch)
  • All Pro Features
  • 1 X domain
  • 300 Email feedback mth
  • Facebook Retargeting
  • Schedule from checkout
  • Full API access
  • 300 SMS Text per month
  • 5 Google zones (branches)
  • All Multi Pro Features
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited Email/Text
  • Facebook retargeting
  • Custom-built Auto Solution
  • Account Manager
  • Reputation Management
  • Unlimited Google zone (branches)


Free Support

Our Free help centre offers advice on how to manage negative and positive reviews from all popular review sites. Sign up today to enter your free advice centre.

  • Managing all Online Reviews.
  • Engage with Professional Network.
  • Transparent customer services.
  • Become a Trusted Merchant.
  • Improve your overall rating.
  • Free review analysis Today.

customer Support

Easy to use customer service system & ticket support for all channels including email, web phone or chat.

Customer Self Help

An easy way for users to help themselves with technical support and free help centre for reviews & features.

Customer Engagement

The platform lets you gather reviews and respond in real time to clients to build a meaningful and productive relationship.


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